Opened in 2002, The Mausoleum Private Tattooery is home to Espi. The work is heavily influenced by Mexican heritage, Tibetan iconography, and lives on the foundation of Horimono (Japanese tattooing). Thank you for visiting and peace to all!

San Jose!

IMG_0797 copy 2Beware! Yokai! is coming to a close. If you want to see more of my work and those of fellow Uglarworks members, check out Empire Seven Studios before November 13.



Great mentor and great friend will be at the studio all of November.

White Tara

white taraThank you to everyone that ordered one of the closed edition White Tara paintings.  We hope you enjoy it and looking forward to meeting everyone.


5f0040b2e35411e293c522000a9f4d92_7More images are up. Thanks for bearing with us.